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Celebrating Fringe

Posted on 2012.02.03 at 17:44
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Fibonacci Spiral inspired by FRINGE, copyright R.J. Crowther Jr., 2012

In celebration of FRINGE, the best SF/Horror television drama since the X Files, I've created several wallpapers of the Fibonacci Spiral in keeping with the aesthetics of the show's beautiful, surreal glyphs, which are codes for hidden messages in each episode.  The spiral graph that I used as a template for the wallpapers is a found image from Google, with not author cited.  Above you'll see the 16x9 wallpaper of the spiral, and here's a link to 4x3 and 16x9 wallpapers of the Complete Glyph Set, which I made from Blu Ray screencaps.  Note: not sure how long the the glyph set will stay up--it depends on if Fox appreciates that I hope to grow their audience for FRINGE.

I've fallen in love with the main character, Walter Bishop, played by the brilliant, Australian actor, John Noble, who channels Vincent Prince with such grace and pathos.   The paranoia-suffused, mutltidimensional plots, government conspiracies, and horrors born of mad science and the hidden agenda of a mega-corporation called Massive Dynamic,  honor the spirit of Philip K. Dick.  The broken, father-son dynamics sometimes move me to tears.  The writing is so good, it humbles me as a writer.

FRINGE airs on FOX on Friday nights. 

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