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Crucifer Update - Colleen Lindsay's Weapons of War

Posted on 2011.01.26 at 04:15
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Last week, I turned in the latest version of CRUCIFER to my agent, which makes the fifth full draft, not including partials.   I think I've finally carved away enough of the rough stone that the statue trapped within can finally break free. Now, it’s more than just the story I wanted to tell--it’s the story told the way it ought to be told, with more action, better world-building, deeper relationships, and a far more intimate look into the minds of the characters.  The homicide detective, Lieutenant Regent, went from being a minor character to a major one, and now she takes center stage in a third of the scenes.  Peter Romito, the junky prostitute would-be-messiah, finally grew some balls and earned his hero badge.  The catalyst for all the changes was a brilliant collaboration between my wonderful former agent, Colleen Lindsay, and my new agent at Fine Print Literary Management. The latter (who shall not yet be named) has a profound understanding of what makes a story work, and for explicating the inner lives of characters.

Early into the rewrite based on Colleen's first set of notes, she called me to let me know the good news (she had a wonderful new agent who wanted to represent Crucifer (?!!!).  The bad news, which punched a fist-sized hole in my soul, was that she had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had decided to stop being an agent.  She said she had accepted a terrific job offer from a publisher, which offered her the health coverage she desperately needed, and gave her the chance to use her incredible publicity skills.  For many years, Colleen was the publicist for Ballantine/Del Rey., and her new employer is blessed to have her. For those of you that don't know, agenting is a risky, perilous struggle for survival, with very few short term results and dubious long-term prospects of success (read, survival).

But Colleen will do more than survive, she will overcome and triumph. Her faith and earthy humor are her weapons of war. She’s one of those people who really make the world a better place, through love, self-sacrifice, and helping those who suffer, from volunteering in soup kitchens to helping animals. Through her actions, she builds the foundation of human dignity,  listens without judgment and offers her shoulder. When my father was dying of inoperable brain cancer, and in the awful weeks following his death, she was a constant source of strength, never offered pity, but instead helped me focus on what I could accomplish, and handed me the spear of laughter to fend off misery. Circumstances have knocked her on he ass so many times, but with a grunt, sometimes tears, and a laugh at life’s absurdity, she shakes off the dust (and cat-hair bunnies), pushes up her sleeves, and rises to face the next challenge with courage and curiosity.

As I live and write the story that lies before me, may I never forget the lessons she is teaching me. 



Steve Prosapio
no_bull_steve at 2011-01-28 23:23 (UTC) (Link)


Hey Rob. Good to see you and great to see you're still writing. Lots going on in that crazy world of publishing these days. Most of it pretty good for us writers.

Drop me a line sometime.
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