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N. is here...

Posted on 2008.10.17 at 02:47

Halloween Countdown:  "Just After Sunset"

As I'm sure many admirerers of Stephen King know,  his new collection of horror stories, "Just after Sunset," arrives in bookstores on November 11th.  Too late for Halloween, you say?  Would you like an early taste of this bitter fruit?  One of the stories--"N."--has been adapted into a multimedia comic book that you can view for free online.  "N." unfolds in twenty-five episodes, with a preface by the master himself.   The episodes were released this summer, presented as a serial (how did I not hear about this earlier?!).  Each episode plays out through comic book-like frames, with characters drifting across the screen, light shifting though the backgrounds, and fantastic voice acting and sound effects.  It's immersive, it's unnerving, and it's a terrifying experience.  In a publishing first, a DVD with the complete animated graphic novel will be included in "Just After Sunset."

N., as King will tell you, was inspired by Arthur Machen's 'The Great God Pan," a masterpiece that heavily influenced Lovecraft.  King also mentions that "N." is intentionally Lovecraftian, with a modern infusion of psychiatry, namely, an exploration of obsessive-compulsive disorder.   This is the horror of reality disintegrating around you, of your frames of reference blurring, of The Other intruding until there is no other.*  Kill your television, turn down the lights, and click--N. is Here

*For another brilliant, reality-rending horror story, may I suggest "Details" by China Mievelle, most recently published in his short story collection, "Looking for Jake." 

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