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Posted on 2008.05.09 at 01:29
I've been working on my next novel, trying to integrate the new material with 90k words of older manuscript, and applying the lessons learned from the recent edit of Crucifer.   I've hit a wall I can't see past, and am struggling to blast my way through.   The problem isn't what to write, it's what not to write--what not to add that will dilute the story.  Part of the problem with the new book, is that I don't have enough room in my skull right now--my head is filled with thoughts of someone who means the world to me, and will soon be deployed in this ugly, senseless war.

Meanwhile, a poem has been gestating inside my head, the first in several years, and I woke up two days ago with it clearly formed in my mind.  The imagery was fueled by a recent immersion in Norse writings.   Thoughts of my friend filled my heart and he became my muse.   So with much trepidation, I'm posting the poem here.  It's a tribute, and I hope it honors him.   Can you name the four Norse Gods/entities referenced in the poem?  Only one is mentioned by name.  My prayer is that I have penned something that honors him:


Light and darkness clash within me
In my heart, heaven and Hel
And the war that I fight
Is a war against myself.
I am both the spear and wound,
Flayer and the flayed.
I stroke the wolf and feed the lamb
And what a meal he’ll make.
I am lightning and scorched earth,
Mead and drinking horn
My skin hangs from your standard
On the night of Ragnarok.

 R.J. Crowther Jr.

May 7, 2007


slakala at 2008-05-09 14:42 (UTC) (Link)

4 Norse/Scandian Entities

Hel, Loki, Fenris & Thor?

Grandchild of Renstrom
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